Saturday, July 23, 2011

London - Day 4 - May 10, 2011

Tuesday started off with us racing to try to catch a canal boat tour which we literally missed by seconds. We were getting to the boat as it was pulling away. Needless to say, missing the boat tour coupled with our sleep schedule being a little wacky led to some tears by me and cranky pants on both Mike & my part.
Oh well - moving to Windsor Castle. Along with St. Paul's Cathedral, Windsor Castle was another of my favorites on the trip. I thought it was cool that the Royal's still stay at the castle on the weekends and it is where many "state"(are they called state dinners in London?) dinners are held. I think it's so interesting that the castle is still fully in use.

Waiting for our train.

On the train ride to Windsor Castle.
Windsor Castle was huge and we weren't able to take pictures in the inside areas we toured but here are a few. Yes - I do have a head set on...we took MANY self-guided tours while we were in London.

I believe the area behind me is where they actually stay when they are there are on the weekends.

If I remember correctly, this is the on-site church at the Castle.

We briefly walked around the town near the Castle before we caught our return train. This was a building Mike remembered when he was on his college trip to London. Your eyes are not deceiving you, it is crooked. :)

We actually thought Windsor Castle would take longer so we had some "un-planned" time on Tuesday. We decided to utilize the benefits of our London Pass by touring the WWII experience and touring the HMS Belfast battleship.

The WWII experience was geared more toward kids but I did partake in some of the dress up activities.

Thought this was a sign worth taking a picture of!

Touring battleships is always interesting to me. To think how they lived on these ships for long periods of time...

Another pictures of the Tower Bridge to end our day.

We ate dinner at the Punch Tavern by enjoying some yummy meat pies and some beer. We never ventured to try the "warm" beer. Not sure either us would like that.

Day 5 will be coming soon.

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Beth said...

sheesh! it's about time you get moving on the London trip! i've been waiting forever to see pictures of the rest of the trip! love you! miss you!