Monday, July 25, 2011

we survived a week...barely...

That may be a bit of an exaggeration but we're all still getting used to Ranger.

What we've learned:
-First and foremost, Ranger is huge! I thought Boulevard was big but Ranger's head is enormous.
-Stuart is not impressed with Ranger. Any time Ranger gets too close to Stu, Stu barks at him and Ranger runs away. Little does Stu know that one chomp and he'd be a goner.
-I think Boulevard's jealous feelings are coming through. He's acting very depressed at times and he gives Mike a lot of attitude.
-When Ranger gets bored you better have a toy available. He has a tendency to just grab whatever is in reach and start chewing. Nothing critical has been damaged but every tag has been ripped off our outdoor furniture cushions and Ranger got ahold of Mike's taser thigh holster and chewed off one of the clasps.
-Ranger gets kenneled at bed time for reason I've stated above. :)
-Ranger likes to play...all the time, anywhere, and with whomever will play with him. Boulevard and Ranger will play a lot as Stuart watches from a distance.
-Ranger gets disciplined(and obedience) in German and Blvd/Stu get disciplined in English...gets a little confusing.
-If we are walking, most people will move to the sidewalk on the other side of the street if we have Ranger with us...little do they know Ranger is a big baby.

This was the first day with Ranger.

Relaxin' Stuart takes refuge in his kennel.
Thought I'd throw this one in. This is one of the photo's we got before Mike even met Ranger. It's amazing that the sweet guy above turns into the mean guy below when he needs to.


Janna said...

Oh the pic of your three dogs makes me laugh. And Owen too, he's pointing and saying, "Doggie!" But yeah, after seeing that last pic I think I'd move to the other sidewalk too! ;o)

Love, The Roach House said...

Hilarious that you got three dogs who do not speak the same language to sit like that. Pretty sure both of my kids speak one language and would have a terrible time.

Can't wait to meet him in person...I think.