Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guess what we're doing Saturday night

There is no place like Nebraska

Good 'ole Nebraska U

Where the girls are the farest

The boys are the squarest

Of any 'ole place that I knew

There is no place like Nebraska

Where we're all true blue

We'll stick together

Through all kinds of weather

It's good 'ole Nebraska U

Are singing along? My Grandma Chase taught me those words and I belt them out every time I hear the song.

If I can't be in Nebraska, Nebraska will come to me! We were just watching the news and there was a segment on University of New Mexico volleyball. Mike said, "I wonder if NE ever plays here." And literally 2 seconds later, the news guy said that UNM would be matched up with UNL this Saturday! Woohoo! Tickets are $5 so we are planning on can only buy single tix in person prior to the game so they better have some available when we get there!

YAY!! SO excited to see the #5 rated NE volleyball team play!

Check out this nice article...the whole time I just kept saying "that's right UNM, you better be ready for us!!" Time to dust off my Husker gear!!


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