Monday, August 15, 2011

I did a funny thing this morning

It's called torturing myself by waking up at 5am and running 8 miles on a Monday morning. What in the world was I thinking...seriously!?? Why 5am you ask -- because I log in to work around 7am(give or take 15 mins on either end) so I had to be done by that time and we started at 5:30. It was rough but it was 1,000 times better than it could have been because Anne joined me on this silly idea. We weren't able to get our long run in this weekend so apparently we thought the next best thing was to run it Monday morning.

Ok - all that whining aside, it really wasn't too terribly bad. Finishing is always the goal and finishing we did! We both agree that we won't be able to do that early of a morning on future runs since they keep getting longer from here out.(Anne works Sat/Sun and I work during the week so that translates to always needing to run EARLY!) Starting next week, we may need to brave some heat/sun and run in the evenings. Our race is going to be hot so we best be gettin' used to it.

In other news ~ Mike has a bear skin hanging in our loft(some people cringe at that - sorry if you're offended - it is what it is) and Ranger decided to yank it down off the wall last night. That's AWESOME!! Luckily, besides pulling out the nails, there was no damage to the wall. Ranger apparently also knows how to open doors...I guess he decided he was bored outside and decided to open to the door to get back in. Hmmm...sounds like a trouble maker, right? :)

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