Monday, August 22, 2011

that went well

The first day at my new job ~ It went pretty well. It's obviously a completely different job than what I was doing before(although many of the skills I have developed can be carried over to my new position), but it's also completely different way of thinking compared to my "old" job. My previous role was really getting down to the nitty gritty of processes, working to identify root causes, and identifying potential solutions ~ although I do have some of this in my new position, much of what I did today was more high-level/big picture thinking.

Today was a really great day but I can already see some of the areas I probably need to place on my development plan. :) I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day and unfortunately forgot to marinate the chicken for dinner. Whooops!(also forgot to eat lunch today) After I came downstairs, Mike said "Go get ready, we're going out to dinner to celebrate your first day." Now, if you know Mike at all...when he suggests we go out to dinner, you don't question it, you throw on your clothes and run to the car before he changes his mind. You probably picked up the fact that Mike doesn't suggest we go out to eat very often??!!! (that itself probably is a blessing in disguise -- but I do enjoy eating out as long as it's a delicious meal) We had a yummy dinner at La Plancha(we'd never been) and went to Frogurt for dessert. Frogurt was fantastic---you get to pick out your yogurt, then get to put any kind of toppings on that you want(out of 50 or so toppings I'd say), then you pay by the ounce. Delish!! I had cake batter yogurt with a small brownie, a couple reeces peanut butter cups, some butterscotch syrup, a few hot tomales, & topped it off with two sour gummy worms. Yummy!
Are you droolin' yet?


Beth said...

Yay for your first day! We have a place called "Cherry On Top". Sounds like "Frogurt" is just like our place!

Janna said...

I think you may have lost me after the butterscotch syrup, up until then, I was right there with ya. ;o) Glad your first day went well and yay for Mike to treat you!