Sunday, August 7, 2011

in full force

I'm in full force half-marathon training!! I think I'm about half way through and I run the Santa Fe half on September 18th.(which also happens to be my 2nd wedding anniversary) Although I got off to a late start with training, this time around is going much better than the training for my half in March. I can actually sort of breath...must be getting used to the elevation...and I have running partners. Boulevard has been accompanying me on my early morning 3-4 mile runs, not only for safety but also to keep my booty running up those hills. Not to mention he packed on a few pounds after surgery(hey-I felt bad because he was basically starved for 4 weeks during that whole ordeal) so he's had a cut back on food and a new workout regime(lots of walks and running) for him is a good thing. Anne is also training for the same race so we've been running a few times. I did 7 miles today by myself but hopefully Anne will run with me on my future long runs.

Mike and I had planned a weekend motorcycle trip to Durango but since the weather is so unpredictable with the rain, we decided to forego the trip. BUT I just decided I'm going to keep my day off scheduled for tomorrow as I originally had and Mike and I are going to ride locally and spend the day together.(his weekend is Monday/Tuesday) Considering he left this morning around 8am and won't get home until 10pm tonight, I can't wait to hang with the hubs all day!

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