Sunday, May 26, 2013

90 mile bike trip on the White Rim Trail in Moab, UT

Back in March, in last-minute-sort-of fashion, we decided to join about 10 others(and a 6 month old baby<~yes, you read that right!  Baby & parents did amazing on this trip!) on a 90 mile bicycle trip in Moab, UT.  By last minute, I mean we literally did one "training" ride of 5 miles to prepare ourselves for 90 miles.  Real smart, don't you think?

We drove to Moab on Tuesday evening, I rented my bike on Wednesday morning,(Mike already had a bike and my bike was a Target special and would have lasted 2 seconds on this trip) and we descended into the canyon on the White Rim trail on Wednesday mid-morning.  The mileage was broken up as follows: (approximately)
Day 1 = 30 miles
Day 2 = 15 miles
Day 3 = 30 miles
Day 4 = 15 miles

We had three support vehicles that carried all of our gear(camping, clothes, food, water, etc).  We rode all the miles for the first day and we actually felt pretty good.  The 2nd day was crazy windy(like sand blast your face windy)and pretty chilly so we loaded our bikes and rode in the truck for the last 4 miles or so.  We rode the entire way on Day 3 but that evening was also crazy windy and chilly so we did not have good sleep.  Mike and I opted to ride in the support vehicle the entire last day and I was more than ok with this decision.  If I recall, there were four major climbs and I managed to skip all of them except'll see me walking my bike up in the slideshow.

For not training at all, I felt we did pretty good.  This trip put the bicycle-bug in me and a few weeks after this trip, I upgraded my Target special to a "real" mountain bike, which I've been loving and riding often!

Here are some pictures of our trip - the scenery was more than incredible and the people we were with were superb, fun, & very encouraging to an amateur like myself!  I hope we get the opportunity to do this again in the future.

**I'm sort of obsessed right now with the song playing in the slideshow and I kind of think it fits the I'm a bad a$$ feeling I felt during this trip.**  :)

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Janna said...

Great pictures! I'm thinking my "heights thing" would have me freaking out a bit but definitely a pretty area of the country to see!