Friday, May 24, 2013

Cinco de Mayo in Puerto Vallarta

Ever since I turned 30(remember when Mike surprised me w/ a trip to Europe?!  I'm still baffled by how he pulled that off), we've made it a tradition of traveling for our birthdays.  Mike's birthday is in February and mine is in May so the timing works out well when we are determining our travel plans each year.
This year for my birthday we went to Puerto Vallarta.  We had a super was a perfect mix of activity and relaxation.  Why wouldn't I want to spend my birthday, Cinco de Mayo, in Mexico?!!  :)  A couple of our friends from NE joined us from Saturday-Wednesday and it was so great to see them and spend time with them!  Since they were leaving Wednesday,(we stayed until the following Saturday) we wanted to pack in as much stuff as we could so they wouldn't miss it.  It was such a great trip and a fun new place to experience.

I'll spare you the details of how we spent every single hour of every day but I will share some of the pictures.  I've been playing with the slideshow feature on our computer and it turns out that creating a slideshow is super simple...who knew?!!  They really make technology easy these days.  I even put a fun and boppy song to it so make sure your sound is on!  :)


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