Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a 4-legged furry children update

I know exactly what you've been thinking lately...I'm dying to hear an update on Kirsten's dogs...well...wait no longer!!
Ok, ok - I know that thought never crossed your mind but you're going to get an update anyway.  :)

Boulevard ~
I've mentioned this to a few people but the bottom line is this => Boulevard is becoming a crotchety old man.  It's so funny to see a dogs personality come through.  He just isn't havin' it lately and he's not afraid to "voice" his opinion.  My dogs get fed twice a day and meal time usually lasts an entire 30 seconds so I wait in the laundry room as they eat.  Stuart's food is in a trashcan with a lid that can be flipped open or pushed in.  Ranger and Boulevard's food is either in a big bag on the floor or in an enclosed dog container.  So...Boulevard finishes his dinner and, while I'm standing right there next to him, he'll walk right over to the bag or Stuart's dog food container and start chomping away.  Really Blvd??  Hello, I'm standing right next to you and I see what you're doing.  Then he doesn't even respond when I firmly but politely SCREAM, "No!"  I literally have to drag his head out of the bag.  Good grief!

Crotchety old man example #2:  I think you all know our dogs are most definitely indoor dogs.  Occasionally, I'll leave Boulevard outside in the backyard for a few hours.  My office is on the opposite side of the house but when Boulevard is sick of being outside, he'll start barking.  Ugh!  The reason this is so odd is because Boulevard is generally not a barker.  Other dogs can be barking like crazy at him but he doesn't bark back.

Crotchety old man example #3:  Mike and I have been going on bicycle rides more often after work and when we put our bike clothes, tennis shoes on, and fill our water bottles, Boulevard knows something is up.  Unfortunately, he thinks anytime tennis shoes are put on that it means he's going on a walk...that's not always the case.  If we haven't started our ride yet, we will occasionally hear him howling from inside the house.

Crotchety old man example #4: When we travel, we have a house/dog-sitter stay at our house and watch Boulevard and Stuart.(it's less expensive, better situation for the pups, and more convenient for us) The dog sitter reported that Boulevard peed on the floor almost every night and pooped on the floor once.  I mean??!!!  This is so out of the ordinary for Boulevard that I assumed he was sick or something.  Good grief Boulevard ~ what happened to our angel dog?  I'm happy to report Boulevard is just fine and has had no accidents since we've been home.

It seems, similar to humans, dogs may just get to a point in life where they think So what?  Who Cares!!  I'm just going to do what I want.  Don't get me wrong, Boulevard is definitely still the angel out of our three monsters but it's interesting to see how he changes as he gets older.  After all, he is 8 years old now and that is considered a senior dog.

Stuart ~
I have this posted on Facebook but I think it's so funny.  I came across these birthday hats when I was grocery shopping.  About every hour on the hour that day, I was putting a hat on Stuart.  I think Ranger was home with me that morning and I was putting the hat on Ranger as well.  Mike came home for lunch and I wanted a group picture of me and the dogs.  I put the hat laying on the floor next to me in the picture on Boulevard and he instantly ripped it off.  Stuart was on the run probably thinking This crazy lady and her hat...won't she just leave me alone?  But Stuart is easy to over power so I captured him before he got away.  I put the hat on Ranger and he tried the I'm going to lay down and try to paw this hat off.  Needless to say, it all amounted to a comical picture for Stuart's 6th birthday!

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Janna said...

Hehe--that picture of you and the doggies in hats is adorable! Fun to hear an update on your household. ;o)