Monday, December 1, 2008


Now that I've had Mike around for the last 4 weeks and he has been getting home by 3:30pm everyday, I'm very bored now that he's working these 12 hour shifts. I get off work at 4:45pm and now Mike isn't home to greet me when I get home (aka...walking down the stairs to the living room from the office). It's too quiet around here when Mike's not around. Granted I'm usually the one that does a lot of the talking but still it's just not the same when I'm talking and he's not around. (Yes, I tend to talk to myself me crazy, that's fine) This schedule stuff will take some getting used too. I'm sure on Thursday I'll be blogging about how frustrating it is that I have to be at work and Mike is off work. :)

I have some sad news to report...Tim and Nicole(if you first 'girl time' in D.C. was spent with Nicole and we spent Thanksgiving with them) are moving to a different apartment complex in Virginia. :( We'll miss them!

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