Friday, December 19, 2008

Is there such a thing as...

Is there such a thing as Bloggers Anonymous? I just got done have a conversation with my beauti'mus sister Beth and we were just telling eachother how addicted we were to blogging ALREADY!(since we just started not so long ago). I'm not into MySpace or Facebook yet but I'm sure it's the same type of addiction.
Why is it addicting you ask?
-You get to share all your fun thoughts and adventures with your family/friends
-Once you start blogging, you find out other people are blogging and you can't wait to read their latest entry
-You get in touch with people you may not have previously been in contact with on a regular basis
-You don't want to risk getting behind on the blogs you follow because then it takes awhile to get caught up
-You check back often so you can see the comments people leave on your blog
-Most importantly, it doesn't feel like your friends and family are half-way across the United States :)
I think that about sums it up.

I don't really have anything exciting to report from the Hansmeyer/Carpenter household. Mike only has to work on Sunday of next week...some such nonsense :) of President Bush declaring the 26th as a holiday as well and his holidays are back-dated to the days he works(Sun, Mon, Tues) and since he is still in Field Training, they don't want to pay him extra holiday he only works on Sunday. PUNK!! (don't worry, I still love you Mike!) Me on the other hand, I get to work every day next week except Thursday.
For Christmas Day, we are hanging with Nicole and Tim at their new apartment and sharing dinner duties. If it's anything like Thanksgiving Day with them, it'll be a good time.
Alrighty, my lunch break is coming to an end so I need to wrap things up.
P.S. If you're not already a blogger, I highly recommend it!


Janna said...

Yes, it is addicting. I believe it has something to do with our society's love for reality tv. ;o) But for me blogs are such a great source of mommy/craft inspiration, plus a great way to stay in contact with other people that I can fit into those moments I have free. So blog on! ;o) Oh, and Jackson is taking a fabulous nap--THANK HEAVENS!

Meyer Family said...

As bad as it is, I check everyday to see if new blogs are posted. Pretty bad since I only update ours once a week unless something fun is going on. I am afraid for this week since we will have so many activites going on. Maybe I will just edit and add to the blog from today. :)