Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Christmas!!

It's all over so quickly! But Christmas day was a great day in Maryland.(not to mention it was 50 degrees out so also a great day of weather) Stuart won't put his stuffed lobster down so I at least know I bought well for one person/dog. :) He took it to bed on Christmas night and at about midnight I heard it squeaking so I put it on the dresser. When we got up this morning, Stu knew exactly where it was and tried jumping up the dresser to get it. He also won't leave Boulevard's bone alone either so we have to hold onto Stu in order for Boulevard to enjoy his bone. Stu is kind of a bully and doesn't share well.

Our short Christmas story: We got up about 8:45am on Christmas(well I kind of pouted until Mike got out of bed...he wanted to sleep longer), we opened our presents, we let the dogs open their presents, we watched about 2 showings of the "Christmas Story," Kirsten worked out(I decided if I worked out, I could eat more at Christmas dinner), I cooked the corn casserole and hashbrown casserole, then we headed to Tim and Nicole's. Tim and Nicole's was great! I'm amazed that we sat at their dining table for 5 hours just talking. They are quite entertaining and it was great fun to be with them on Christmas...we talked last night of doing a monthly potluck with them. I hope it comes to fruition because it's always a good time with them! I probably drank too much, ate too much, and talked too much but that's what spending time with friends is all about, right? Mike, of course, didn't drink(since he had to get us home), he ate just the right amount of food he needed, and certainly didn't talk too much because he couldn't get a word in with me talking. We took a plate of our plethora of cookies(we baked a bunch of cookies last Saturday) and candy to Tim and Nicole so hopefully I'll stop eating sweets...I have such a weakness for sweets.

Thank you to everyone for all of our wonderful gifts! From food, clothes, books, moccasins, wine stuff, wii stuff, kitchen stuff, DVD's, gift was all excellent! We were pretty spoiled. It was tough being away from all of our family/friends but it sounds like everyone had a Merry Christmas in San Antonio, Texas and in Nebraska.

P.S. Congrats to my cousin Lynsi and Tyler on the arrival of their new baby, Drew, who decided to make his appearance into this world on Christmas Eve! What an amazing Christmas present!!


Janna said...

Merry Christmas Kirsten--glad you guys had a fun time. I need to get busy in the workout realm--just as soon as I finish off the last of our cookies and fudge . . . ;O) I have no willpower, if it's sweet and hanging around I WILL eat it. ;o)

Meyer Family said...

Sure wish we could have been together for the holidays. Be assured that I was thinking of you even though I didn't get the chance to give you a call. The Meyer's were here in to the early part of the night and then we had to get some things cleaned up. Glad you had a good time with your friends! Love you!

The Hansmeyers said...

Happy New Year Kirsten and Mike! We are so glad that you enjoyed your first Christmas out in Maryland...just year you will celebrate your first Christmas as a married couple!!! We were thinking of you over Christmas and will continue to think of you over the New Year as well. Kirsten...thanks so much for the gifts. Atlee had so much fun the other morning playing with her stamps and she even made a birthday card for her friend's birthday party yesterday (too bad she forgot to include the card in the gift bag). She especially loves the 'girls rule' stamp and couldn't believe it that one of the stamps is for the 'Saints'...must be something that looks like the Saints football helmet. I have two big boys VERY addicted to Gage's Cabela's Wii Big Hunter game (and to think that David wasn't sure if we should get the 'kids' a Wii). It is a great game...and it scared the crap out of all of us the other night...we'll have to tell you about it sometime! Of course, I always love adding to my Willow Tree collection, so thank your for my gift as well. Okay...I have blabbed long enough...I don't even know if I have a 'character limit'...oops! Have a great new year!!!! Lori