Saturday, December 6, 2008

the coolest thing

I recently heard of this web site called There are groups about everything and anything on there. You should check it out if you are interested in meeting new people or getting involved in something new. I just joined a book and cook club...they meet once a month and discuss a book and also exchange recipes, etc. The December meet is next Saturday and I'm going to go! There are 13 of us getting together so I'll be able to meet some new people. YAY! Now I have a week to read the December book("The Wednesday Letters")...I'm going to the library to get it tomorrow.
The newest excitement in our lives is joining a gym. It's very simiar to the Lincoln Raquet Club. I've been running(planning on running a 10K on Dec. 20th) and trying out all the group classes. Over the past week, I've tried classes like yoga, beach body, step, zumba, hip-hop, and a variety of sculpting classes. I will start off by saying, I thought I could dance...I was a cheerleader, I like dancing when bands are playing, etc. So, I go to this hip-hop class and it was completely like learning a dance routine. Every heard of 'white boys can't jump'? Well this 'white girl CAN'T dance.' (Why haven't my friends ever told me?) I felt like the most ridiculous person especially since there are mirrors on all walls of the classroom so I could see how silly I looked. Oh well, I made it through the class and will probably go back to suffer again. It was fun and even though my body could not move like others in the class...I'm sure I'll go back. :)
Well it's 8:45pm on a Saturday night and Mike went to bed around 8:15pm. :( He gets up at 4am to get to work by 6am so I don't blame him. Tomorrow will be another lonely Sunday but I'll be going to my 'beach body' classes and then hopefully I'll get some good reading in for my book club. :)
19 more days until Christmas!


Justin, Stacey and Kael said...

Good for you and meeting new people. One of your best traits is your outgoing personality. I knew it wouldn't take long...just don't forget about us!

Connie said...

I'm happy you are getting out. It sounds like an interesting group. You'll have to keep me updated on how it is.

Your dance class sounds good for you. You always like a'll master it.

Love you, Mom

Janna said...

Hey there Kirsten--that "meetup" thing sounds pretty neat, good for you for putting yourself out there. I had to laugh at your dance class. I tried jazzercize a few times and had problems with that . . . Yeah, so you won't see me stepping foot in a hip hop. ;o) Are you coming back for X-mas?