Monday, December 1, 2008

Mike's graduation pics

Here is the class getting ready to take their oath during graduation. Mike is on the left side of picture.
This was right after the graduation. This was their class inspection by the Chief. Mike is on the left-hand side of the photo facing the class. He was the class Sergeant so he "facilitates" the inspection when the Chief gets there.
This was after their class inspection.


gentle7451 said...

I'm very proud of you and very impressed. Congratulations! You look very impressive in your full uniform. What a wonerful event, I so wish I could have been there to share in it with you all.

I hope that this work is all that you were hoping far Kirsten says it is. Liking your work makes it worthwhile. Be careful out there.


gentle7451 said...

=o) No I'm not Lawrence Welk, "Wonerful wonerful!" (Do you even know who Lawrence Welk is? I wonder) I obviously didn't spell check. =o)

I meant "What a 'wonderful event..."

Congrats to you again and to your classmates that I met and didn't meet.


rip1509 said...

Mike, I see you still cant get away from blue stripes on the uniform pants.


Kathy said...

Never too late for congratulations! Well done Mike, I hope the profession is everything you want it to be. One favor, say hi to President Obama for me when you see him! Much love and good wishes, Aunt Kathy (from Missouri)