Friday, January 16, 2009

the biggest loser

Please tell me I'm not the biggest loser for spening about 3 hours on the computer(while watching TV) on a Friday night? Ok, I am I know it! Yeah well...'tis life I guess. Lori just called me an old married lady?!! Yep, I think she's right! :)
Today was the coldest day in DC since "arctic blast" as the news called it. The high was 19 degrees but I don't think it reached that. The wind made it quite chilly HOWEVER I'm pretty certain you all in Nebraska wish that 19 degrees was the coldest you'd get.

My January meetup with my Book and Cook Club is on Sunday! YAY! We're are going to someone's place and everyone has to bring some type of Italian dish. I'm assigned an Italian appetizer but have yet to determine what I'm going to take. But the coolest news is the place that we are having it is in MY apartment "campus." It's crazy. Granted my apartment "campus" is quite large but it's definitely in walking distance. Less than a 1/4 of a mile away! So what does this mean? Another friend in close proximity...WAHOO!

Mike is trying to determine when he will be working this weekend for Inauguration. He was on the Detail to work from 6pm(Saturday) to 6am(Sunday) and then 5am(Sunday) to who knows when. Not really sure how he can work in one place until 6am but supposed to be somewhere else by 5am but I'm sure they'll figure it out. BUT the funniest thing is now he has disappeared from the Detail completely. HA! He's not even listed as having the day off or not working...very odd! Did he get fired and no one told him?! :) Well I guess he'll figure it out and hopefully he can get where he's supposed to be in time with all the craziness of traffic.


Janna said...

Aw Kirsten, I'll tape a big L to my forehead with you. ;o) Often Josh has to work on a weekend night. And if he is home we usually rent a movie and have "chip and dip." But that's okay, the internet is an exciting place to be. ;o) Are you going to attend the inaugeration?

Justin, Stacey and Kael said...

Welcome to my world! And Facebook totally sucks you in. I hate it...only sometimes.

Mike and Kirsten said...

I'm not attending any of the Inauguration excitement. If I lived closer to a Metro Station or lived right in DC, I would. But the traffic and outrageous amounts of people kind of frighten me. Not to mention Mike has to work so I'd probably be on my own. Oh well, I'll be tuning in througout the day to see some of the coverage(a benefit of working from home...I can turn on the TV during my breaks and lunch)