Saturday, January 24, 2009


I wish I had something exciting to report to all my avid readers... :) But nothing too exciting is happening in our world. Mike did have to work on Inauguration Day and he was able to see Obama on the parade route. I was very jealous!! He did get some pictures of Biden walking during the parade but he said the crowd was crazy when Obama was walking so he couldn't snap any pics.
On Wednesday I decided I couldn't take it anymore being in the house all day so Mike and I went for some drinks with some of his co-workers. It's amazing how much I yearn for social outings since I've been working at home full-time. I appreciate that time and those moments a lot more now!
Last night Mike and I were pretty lazy BUT we did go get some cold stone ice cream. YUMMY!
Mike is back to work tonight and the dogs are fast asleep(we went on a long walk today so I think they are a little worn out). I think I might splurge and go get some take out somewhere. Fast food? Chinese? Pizza? Decisions, decisions. I started reading Twilight a few nights ago so I may spend some time reading tonight too.
Wish tomorrow wasn't Sunday already. :( That means back to work on Monday...bummer!

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