Saturday, January 10, 2009


Bear with me as I be a little sappy and sentimental...
On my way home from my movie tonight(Marley & Me), I was thinking about my fantastic fiance and my fabulous dogs. Then that led me to start thinking about last night when Mike and I went to eat out at Red Lobster(we had a coupon AND a gift card...the best way to eat out), and that further led me to a conversation that Mike and I were having about our wedding. I believe it went something like this...
I said some ridiculous girl comment(typical Kirsten) like "What if you are dissappointed when you see me on our wedding day?"
Mike responded by saying "I will tell you that you look beautiful no matter what you look like."
Hold am I to respond to that?
I said, "First of all, you are correct that you will tell me I look beautiful. Second of all, you will also mean it."
He further said, "Babe, you look beautiful everyday!"
Seriously, he's such the best. He digs himself into holes but so quickly climbs out of that hole. Where did he learn this stuff? Don? :)
I'm so blessed to have Mike and am so excited for him to be my husband!
Told you it was going to be sappy and sentimental.

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