Monday, January 5, 2009


I officially do not like Mike being on 12-hour nights. On the nights he works, I NEVER see him.(well I see him for like an hour and that's it) When he was on days, I would work as well and then he would get home sometime before 7pm, stay up for a few hours and then go to bed. Now he sleeps until 3:30pm(while I'm at work) and leaves at 5pm when I'm just getting off work and doesn't get home until 6am the next day. :( I know having 3-4 days off is great but it's no fun on the days he works. I have to resort to talking to the dogs again and they still aren't talking back. :)
Nothing really new here. I joined Facebook last night and it's quite consuming. Today, after about an hour of working, I started to receive tons of emails from was making me crazy. For your non-Facebook peeps, you get an email for any activity on on your Facebook page. I told myself that I can't look at it while I'm at work because 5 minutes will end up turning into an I started dragging all my facebook emails out of my inbox and into their own folder to deal with later. For those of you that work primarily through your email, you'll feel my pain of my inbox starting to overflow. But I'm all caught up now and I think I'm glad I joined. It'll be a good way to keep in touch with people.
See, this is what happens when Mike isn't around, I sit at the computer all night. :)
Now I'm going to do some online wedding dress shopping.
Ok! That's all I know. Miss you all!

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