Sunday, March 22, 2009

eventful weekend

This weeked was quite an eventful weekend here in Maryland. On Friday night, I had volleyball. We made it to the semi-finals and won that game on Friday. Then we played in the finals right after that game on Friday and WON! We're #1!!! :) As I look at the picture above, I realize I am so pale...I need to get to tanning bed I think.

On Saturday, we took the dogs on a trail walk by historic Savage Mill which is close by where we live. The trail runs next to a river and about half way through the walk, we took the dogs down by the water so they could a drink of water. Stuart got really close to the water and THEN...he started to run into the water. If he wouldn't had been connected to leash so I could pull him back, I wonder how far he would have gone. :)

Last night I went to see Duplicity at a theater in Baltimore with Adena, Jig, and Tiffany. Adena is my Book and Cook Club organizer and Jig and Tiffany I just met last night. Then after the movie we went out to eat at an Italian restaurant called Della Notte. It was absolutely delicious!

Today, I'm taking the dogs to Dogtopia for a free dog gathering. Stuart's(for little dogs) was at 9:30 this morning. He did pretty good. He played a little bit(with the other 15 dogs there) but for the most part he stuck next to my side. After an hour, Stuart was more than ready to leave. He's already zonked out sleeping on the couch. Boulevard's(for big dogs) is at 12:30 and I know he will LOVE it. He probably won't want to leave.


Janna said...

Ohhh congrats on your 1st place! And for the record, I think your doggies are spoiled. ;o)

Mike and Kirsten said...

I won't try to deny it. Our dogs are incredibly spoiled!