Sunday, March 29, 2009

"the one"

For all of you who told me, "Oh when you find your wedding dress, you'll just know it's the one," I COMPLETELY disagree. I felt like I had it narrowed down to two dresses. Then I found a couple at another bridal store that I went to try on today before finalizing between the two I had previously picked just in case I like one of the one's I tried on today. And now I have 5 more on my list that could be "the one." Of all the wedding planning, this has definitely been the hardest thing to figure out. AND it's even harder because I get to go try on dresses by myself...I do better when I have opinions so I'm really struggling. Not to mention I'm running out of time so I need to get it ordered...oh...probably a week ago. :) My mom is coming to visit in two weeks so hopefully she will help me make my decision if I still don't have my decision made.

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Janna said...

I'm sure you will look beautiful now matter which one you pick! But I bet your mom will be a great help when she gets out there. That'll be such a fun time for you guys!