Sunday, March 8, 2009

Much better than yesterday

I'm not going to lie, yesterday was a really rough day for in feeling homesick for my Nebraska peeps! This was really the first time since I've been here that I felt so homesick. I think it was the fantabulous weather(70 degrees yesterday, 77 degrees today) we had and I just kept imagining what I would be doing in Nebraska. So I thought maybe I would have gone on a run with Stacey, maybe I would have gone to the dog park with Jen, maybe I would have hung out with my family, maybe I would have been playing volleyball, and I KNOW I would have been sitting in a beer garden with either Jen, Kim, Stacey, Emilie(or maybe all of them) last night having a few adult beverages?! I have quite impecable timing because as Mike is about ready to leave for work last night at 4:30pm, I just burst into tears...poor guy! What guy wants to leave his sobbing fiance alone?! Well, actually probably quite a few men would like to do that but I like to think Mike isn't one of them. LOL! I basically felt sorry for myself the rest of the night. :)
So TODAY was much better than yesterday. First of all I slept in until about 10:30am. I'm quite amazed at how patient Stuart is in the morning. He sleeps in bed with us(I know, I know!) and he will lay there patiently until I get out of bed even though I can tell he is wide awake. Then I went WEDDING DRESS shopping! Woo woo! This is something that I've been putting off since I moved here. But low and behold I found four dresses that I love and I think I've now narrowed it down to two. YAY! Then I just got home from the gym(that always make me feel good) and now I'm chillin' in the living room with the puppies.
Anyway...much better day than yesterday! Miss everyone!

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Janna said...

HUGS!!! Have any dress pictures to share?