Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I've decided that I think I watch too much TV and I think it's causing me un-needed stress. I am addicted to The Bachelor. Last night was the 2 hour finale and the 1 hour 'after the final rose' show...Yes, I watched 3 hours of the Bachelor last night.
To summarize for all of you that don't watch the show: At the end of the 2 hour finale, Jason(the bachelor) picked Melissa and proposed to her on the show. The taping of the finale occurred about 6 weeks ago. Then the 'after the final rose' show is present day to check in on the happy couple. So, on national television, Jason breaks up with the Melissa(the girl he chose on the finale). Also on the 'after the rose' show, the rejected girl(Molly) comes on and gets to confront Jason and ask him question about why he chose Melissa, etc. So, to make matters worse for Melissa, Jason goes back to Molly and asks for a second chance. WHAT?! Not a very nice guy if you ask me.
All of this resulted in the following:
1. And men wonder why women act crazy sometimes...THEY do it to us. :) Ok, that's not really a fair statement but poor Melissa.
2. Mike was working last night and I was so worked up over the whole thing, I couldn't even fall asleep until super late.
3. I think I need to stop watching the Bachelor.
So...back to my original point. I think watching TV sometimes causes me un-needed stress. Hopefully the TV will remain in the 'off' position more often now.


Justin, Stacey and Kael said...

I think of you every time I watch The Bachelor. For some reason this season has sucked me in. I usually have to DVR it so Justin doesn't have to watch and I'm only about half way through the two hour episode. I had to practice great restraint and not read your post but I promise to come back to it after I get through the next 2.5 hours.

Janna said...

I'm laughing at you. ;o) Here's how I stopped watching so much TV, we had DVR for a long time and so I never had to miss a favorite show, and watched them commercial free. Now we don't have it and I just can't go back to watching TV the regular way. I have been videotaping Am. Idol the old-fashioned way, but that's about it! So DVR has utterly ruined me. ;o)