Sunday, February 13, 2011

10 miles??...No problem

Hopefully I'll be saying 'no problem' after I'm done running those 10 miles. I'm trying to convince myself it will be just fine and I'll feel like a rock-star afterwards. I don't have any Gu or Sport Beans so I'll be surviving on water only. I have my route all mapped out and my clothes ready so I can take off this afternoon at the warmest part of the day. I think it's supposed to get into the 50's today so it's going to be a fabulous day for a run. I should probably put on some sunscreen too because the Santa Fe sun is shining brightly!

Including today, I have three long runs left before the big 'ole half-marathon. I'm really looking forward to it...I haven't run a race(and I use the term 'race' loosely) for so long.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.


Janna said...

60's here today! ;o) I just discovered last night I am too late to sign up for Lincoln's 1/2--they already filled up! :o( In the end it's probably for the best because I've had a hard time finding any time for anything regular--maybe next year. Hope your run went smooth and successful!!

Mike and Kirsten said...

I don't think it quite got to the 60's here but I'll take 50's over the -18 degrees we had last week. I thought about running the Lincoln half again but it doesn't work for me to travel back the weekend. The Lincoln half is great...really flat. That's the thing about training for race ~ it takes a lot of time to train.