Sunday, February 27, 2011

T - 6 days

Six days until the half-marathon and a vacation in Las Vegas. I have one more long run to do tomorrow and then Wednesday and Thursday will be easy 3 mile runs. I should be tapering down to 8 miles tomorrow but I fell a little behind on my training back in January so I'll be going 11-12 miles tomorrow.

I received my 'registered athlete' letter detailing everything I need to know about the race. What I failed to notice when I registered is that the half-marathon climbs 800-900 feet over the first 5 miles. Yikes! I've definitely been doing hills during my training but I don't think I've climbed that much. The good news is that the remainder of the course is completely down-hill, the weather is supposed to be great, AND I'll be running at about 3,500 feet which is 3,500 feet lower than I've been training at.(I've been training at 7,000 feet if you couldn't do the math) Hopefully it's all a recipe for success! Finishing the race is always the goal!

The land that I'll be running on in Vegas is all BLM(Bureau of Land Management) ground...which I didn't really know when I registered so hopefully that'll keep Mike entertained as he waits for my at the finish line...hopefully with a cocktail in his hand waiting for me. :) Then after the race, we plan to have a heck of a time in Vegas with some friends!! Once again - sounds like a recipe for success.


Janna said...

Wishing you a wonderful run and get-away!! Can't wait to hear how it went--I'm sure you will be AWESOME!! ;o) Have fun!

Connie said...

You did it! You finished! You're strong, you're mighty! AND I love you and I'm proud of you!