Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oooo La La

I was told earlier today via text from the hubs - "Don't plan anything for Friday"

I assumed maybe we were to attend some sort of work function or maybe we were invited to a dinner at one of his co-workers houses, etc. I just recently talked to him on the phone and he said "Did you figure out what we were doing on Friday?" I said, "Nope - didn't even think about it because I haven't left my office since my lunch break."

He told me we were going to Ojo Caliente to spend 2 hrs in a private mineral hot springs pool and then dinner afterward at their restaurant. Holy smokes! Who knew the hubs could be so romatically sneaky??!! When asked - what's the occasion, he said, "It's almost Valentine's Day." :)

MUWAH! You're the best hubby EVER! xoxo

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Elizabeth said...

Ooooo...very romantic!

I got me a NOOK eReader! So excited to not have to carry around 1-3 books all of the time. Jason ordered it Wednesday. Hopefully it arrives tomorrow or Tuesday!

Love you!