Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy 29th Michael!

It's Mike's birthday and he made it home from AZ by 11:55am this morning. I begged him to leave super early from AZ and he lefted at 5am! I just finished up work and Mike is currently napping. Gotta go wake him so we can hit the gym in this tornado of a snow-storm we're getting. I'm happy the snow is not accumulating too much yet but not thrilled about the wind that has been howling since last night.


Thanks for sharing your airport stories on my last post.

Stacey - The Cancun one definitely should have made my post...how could I have forgotten our luggage not making it to Cancun?!! Not to mention the one bag that we did get was totally worthless to us. And, if I recall, it rained the next day so we couldn't even jump into our suits and lay by the pool. :) Oh - the memories!!

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Janna said...

I hope Mike had a wonderful birthday. The youngster. I didn't realize I still knew people in their twenties . . . ;o)