Sunday, February 13, 2011

Watch it ~ I'm running here!

Did you finish the 10 miles? yep
How did it go? went
How long did it take? longer than I'd like to admit
Was the weather nice? it was wonderful ~ I forgot to put on sunscreen so I hope my ears didn't get too much sun
Did people in cars honk at you and try get your attention for whatever reason? yes - my message to those drivers...just leave ME ALONE! I'm going to ignore you and do I look like I want to have a conversation with you? NO!! Bug off!
Did you have to walk? more than I'd like to admit
Did you almost get hit by a careless driver? I suppose it would be exaggerating if I said I almost got hit but as I was crossing a street, a careless driver trying to turn right basically blasted through the red light he was supposed to stop at in order to let me cross the street. He did, however, roll down the window, wave at me, and said he was sorry.
Did it annoy you that you had to stop at so many street lights? Not really ~ it was a nice mandatory break
Did you almost quit at mile 7? yep ~ I could have turned to go home at mile 7 but thought, "What's another 3 miles?" and kept truckin' on
Did you finish strong? if you call walking the last 1/2 mile finishing strong then I finished SUPER strong!
How many miles are you running tomorrow? absolutely none
What's on the agenda for tomorrow then? Yoga
What was the best thing about your run today? finishing

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