Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a birthday surprise

The weekend was quite a whirlwind. Flew out of Albuquerque at 10am on Saturday, landed in Omaha at 4:30pm. Got to my sisters house around 6pm to help set up for my Mom's surprise birthday party that started at 7pm. The surprise was was so fun to see my Mom's face. Can't wait until we get the pictures. Hung out with my sister, Mom, Aunt Kathy, & Aunt Nancy(they also came in for the surprise) on Sunday and then was able to hang with my Dad Sunday evening.

And I left my sister's house at 4:45am Monday morning to get my 6:45am flight out of Omaha. Unfortunately, I got to Denver and my 8:20am flight was cancelled so I had to hang out at the Denver airport until the next flight at 3pm. I did find myself a nice little quiet corner at the Denver airport to take a 1 1/2 hr nap. Like I said - the weekend was a whirlwind but well worth it.

Of course, a plane ride wouldn't be complete without me catching a little something. I started taking Airborne on Monday evening and I'm hoping this scratchy throat won't get any worse.

And I came home to my pups but not the hubs. Mike left to go work at the AZ/Mexico border again...sounds like he's having fun. Missing my hubs like crazy!

Blvd Update: He's still sick. He did great yesterday but then vomited a few times during the night. And of course he won't eat the wonderful new food I got him, that he gobbled down yesterday. But I think he's slowly on the mend.

Hope you all are having a great week.

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Beth said...

Definitely a "whirwind" of a weekend, but definitely worth every bit of it to surprise mom's socks off! I can't wait to get the photos either! From the couple that Lindsay showed me on her camera that night, there are definitely some good ones!