Monday, April 18, 2011

another post dedicated to our big baby

Well - last Wednesday, I couldn't take it anymore with Boulevard being sick. He has lost so much weight and he wasn't eating so I thought he wouldn't last much longer going down this road. We tried everything the vet advised and I also emailed my cousin(who is also a vet) for his advice. The next diagnostic step was an abdominal ultrasound so I took him Thursday afternoon. I'm pretty sure the whole ultrasound experience was more tragic for me than Boulevard because I had to hold his front down while the ultrasonagrapher and her helper bee did the rest. The whole thing took about an hr and 15 minutes and both Blvd and I were exhausted afterward.

The ultrasound showed a slightly enlarged pancreas and fluid in his GI tracts, but not all of his GI tracts. All this led to the assumption that there is some sort of blockage/obstruction in his GI tract and the enlarged pancreas is a result of the blockage.

So ~ results got to the vet Friday and she called us Friday evening.(we were in Milwaukee for a wedding Fri-Sun so we were out of town and having someone watch Bouley at our house) We were able to coordinate with unbelievabley fantastic friends to get him to the vet on Saturday for a couple IV's, which made me feel so much better since he hasn't been eating.

Boulevard will be having exploratory abdominal surgery tomorrow to hopefully remove the blockage. If they end up not finding blockage, they will be biopsying all his organs to determine if there is cancer. I don't want to think about that because that will lead to some tough decisions to be made by Mike and I.

That's the update. I've been in tears about 4 times today I think. Who knew I would do all this for "just a pet?" But truly, Bouley is a part of our family!!

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