Sunday, April 10, 2011

pepcid & baby food

Pepcid & baby food ~ a new fad diet I'm trying? No way-but it's working for Boulevard so far...knock on wood.

Boulevard has been sick for 2 weeks & 1 day. The last few days have seemed better but he won't eat. So the vet said to give him a pepcid 30 minutes before feeding then try mixing his food with scrambled eggs, or meat-based baby food, or cottage cheese.

I tried scrambled eggs and he wasn't too interested. Today, I got some pepcid and mixed his dog food with baby food. Well - the pepcid/baby food combo seems to be working. His food has stayed down for 1.5 hrs, which I think is a record since he first got sick two weeks ago.

Hopefully we've found the trick and Boulevard will gain some weight back. He started at 90 lbs and I would guess he's down to 70-75'ish right now...and I'm pretty sure he wasn't looking to lose unwanted winter pounds.

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