Saturday, April 9, 2011

a film screening

Last night, I had plans with friends to go to dinner and then to see the movie Arthur. Well - Morgan invited us to go to a film screening with her instead of going to Arthur. At first, I was opposed to it but then thought, I can see Arthur any day and this screening thing would be a new I gave in. I mean - I didn't really understand what screening meant and am not sure I really do now but I'm so thankful I got this opportunity.

There were about 25 of us that watched the 70-minute documentary film called Afterglow at the Center for Contemporary Arts and then we provided feedback on what we liked, what didn't make sense, where the film lost our attention, etc. Then they will take some of the feedback and implement it as they work to finish the film. I certainly felt a little out of my comfort zone because I'm not an artsy/creative-type person and I didn't have a whole lot of feedback but I was so glad for the experience.

Ali Silverstein, who is the director/producer/main character(is it really a "character" when it's a non-fiction?) was also there, which was super cool as well. She lives in New Mexico currently and she is a water-color artist. I'm sure I'm not doing her justice but that's what I know.

Click here for more info about the film - Overall, I really liked it. I'll have to follow-up when the finished product is released.

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