Thursday, April 28, 2011

oh puppy dogs

Today is Stuart's 4th birthday! I took this picture just seconds ago to capture his excitement about his birthday. He looks thrilled, right? When you look at him, do you say, "Wow, he's so ugly he's cute"? Yeah - well - we often say the same thing.

Boulevard Update: He's doing excellent and is back to his crazy, high-energy labrador self. This picture was taken about 10 minutes after we got home from the vet after his surgery. You can't see his incision but it is the length of where the shave starts all the way down to the red wrap. The red wrap on his arm was covering his IV. They didn't take it out immediately just in case he'd have to go back. He's doing great though...eating like he's never had a bite of food in his life and gaining weight back. His energy is great and he appears to be on the road to full recovery.

The surgery proved there was an object stuck in his intestine so they removed the object and about 6 inches of his intestine. The obstruction was half of a rubbery ball-type object. I say ball-type object because it didn't appear to be a dog toy or tennis ball but the shape was round. But it appeared to be purposely half of a ball so it wasn't chewed or anything. Neither Mike or I recognized the object at all so we're assuming he picked it up on a hike or walk without Mike or I noticing.
Doesn't this picture make you laugh a little bit? Yeah, me too. Next Post: Our quick trip to Milwaukee for my friend Mara's wedding.

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Janna said...

Poor doggie--but I'm so glad you finally got it figured out. Hope he packs those pounds back on. ;o)