Thursday, October 20, 2011

things have been a little crazy lately

Well - I hope to do a bunch of blogging this weekend but just wanted to touch base. Mike and I have had a busy month or mom visited for a week and then we vacationed in San Diego for almost a week. When we returned from CA, Mike's parents were already in town and stayed for a few days. Mike's parents left Tuesday and then friends from NE came to visit the following Saturday-Tues...which brings us to today. More chaoes will be entering our lives soon but more on that later.

A few highlights:
Mom's Visit - we did a lot of driving while my mom visited. Took some amazingly beautiful scenic drives.

San Diego - we visited the San Diego Zoo and visited the Temecula wine country 3 days in a row...guess we like our wine.

Mike's parents visit - we attended the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. It was amazing!

Stacey & Justin's visit - We hiked for 2'ish miles and we started at 8500 ft and ended at 12,000 ft. Not going to was super duper tough but well worth it in the end when we picnicked at the top of a mountain with beautiful views and coming across a momma big horn sheep with her baby. They were literally within feet of us.

Today - well, Mike had to travel overnight for work at the last minute so Boulevard, Stuart, & I are just chillin' tonight. I may crack open a bottle of wine or maybe a skinnygirl margarita.

Stay tuned this weekend for pictures...