Sunday, January 24, 2010

a few stories to share

Mike and I went to a birthday party in DC a few weeks back...since parking was going to be impossible near the bar we were going to, we parked at a Metro stop(w/ ample parking) and metro'd it over to the bar. So...I step out of the car walking toward the Metro and SNAP. Yep, the heel on my favorite boots(I think I've had these since college) broke. Luckily the heel didn't come completely off so I could survive the night but I was walking on my toe for the remainder of the evening. Mike, being the best huband ever, asks, "Do you have extra shoes in the car?" Kirsten~"Uh, no." Mike~"Do you want to go to one of the stores nearby and buy a new pair?" Kirsten~"No, but this gives me an excuse to go boot shopping later!" Needless to say, those boots were laid to rest in the trash can a week ago. :( A sad, sad day!

That same night, we went out to eat at a Thai restaurant for dinner before the birthday party. The tables in this place were really close so you can hear the conversations very clearly of the people surrounding you. As we were taking off our coats and sitting down, this is what we hear from two women(probably mid-20's in age) sitting about one foot away from us. Girl 1~"I think he's moving back to Nebraska." Girl 2 in a valley girl kind of way says~"What is he going to do in Nebraska, be a farmer or something?!" LOL! Mike and I both about lost it but we managed to hold back the laughs. 'Cause farming is the only thing to do in Nebraska.??..HA! Mike told me later that he wishes he would have had his NE hat on that night. :)

Happy Sunday everyone!

Monday, January 18, 2010

really people?!

Dear World,
Is it really necessary to text while you drive? It doesn't take a genius to figure out it's a dangerous idea, but now you have been told about all these horrible accidents/deaths caused by someone texting while driving and you STILL do it? Not to mention that many states(including MD ~ or maybe it was just my county) are enacting laws to 'outlaw' texting while driving. Seriously people! You can wait the 5-10 minutes until you reach your destination to send that text. Or, if it's that important, PULL OVER!
Maybe you don't care about your life/family(or whoever is in the car with you) but I don't want the people I love to get injured due to your stupidity!
I'm no saint ~ I did it at one time too people...make a choice like I did and stop putting yourself and others at risk!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

the verdict is...

Ok, I'll try to not make every post about working out/gym but right now that's one of the biggest parts of my life, third to Mike & work.

Well, I came in 2nd place with 70 classes taken between November 15th and January 15th. The first place winner took 114 classes!! DANG! Apparently, she had about 3 weeks off over the course of the two months and she said she basically took every class offered every day. Good for her! My group fitness director Gina did say, "Kirsten, If there was a prize for the most improved/toned arms, it would be you!" Hey...I'll take that! AND I'll take 2nd place!

I think my next challenge is going to be doing Jillian Michaels program in the book titled, "Making the Cut." Usually programs like that are really hard for me to stick to(especially the food portion) but I think I may start it in mid-February after our vacation to Charleston, SC. Until then, I'm going to continue to go to the classes and hopefully get back into a little running as well. Did I mention, I also started a food journal? Gosh, I've never been a calorie counter and keeping a food journal has definitely opened my eyes to the amount of calories I consume. YIKES!

Are you challenging yourself? What are you doing to stay active? I'd love to hear you success stories!!

On the Charleston note, Mike and I are meeting my sister and brother-in-law in Charleston, SC for the second week in February. We are looking forward to the vacation and, more importantly, seeing Beth and Jason. We've never been to Charleston and so it'll be another place to check off of the many places we want to go. We love travelling!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

$120 is up for grabs

The Cross-Train to Win competition(see 11/22/09 post) ends on January 15th and $120 is up for grabs to whoever has taken the most classes since November 15th. As of today, I have taken 65 classes!(with a week spent in Mexico, I think I've exceeded what I thought I'd accomplish) Even if I don't win the competition, I'm very proud of what I've done ~ I have seen changes in my body, I've increased to four risers under my step for step class, yoga and pilates has helped me become more flexible, and I've tried many new genre's of classes and plan to continue to attend many of them.
We find out on January 16th who won the competition...I'm pushing hard here in January to complete 30 classes between Jan. 1st and Jan. 15th!
I also found out that a fellow competitor has been "secretly" keeping tabs on how many classes I've been taking so she's bumped up the # of classes she's been taking as a result. Although I'm glad I can be a motivator for her, I really could use that $120, so I better step it up a notch! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ahh...the new years resolutions

Some years I make New Years Resolutions and some years I don't...for 2010, I have decided to declare my New Years Resolutions to the world(well, at least my blog followers) and I hope that you all can help me stay on track. The only rule for you is: You can't make fun of my resolutions!!

1) Write one handwritten letter to someone at least once a month ~
In this time of technology with blogging, Facebook, email, and texting, I NEVER write letters to people and I used to have numerous pen pals as a my goal is to write one letter per month! Maybe you'll be the lucky recipient?!! :) And maybe I'll get something other than bills in the mail if someone responds to my letter!!

2) I typically don't make weight-loss goals but this year I want to try to get to my goal weight ~
My friend Adena sums it up nicely..."we all have a weight that is healthy & maintainable and then we all have a weight that we can get to but really isn't maintainable"...well I want to get to my non-maintainable weight and make it maintainable. AND no I'm not going to tell you what the weight is.(who are you kiddin'? ~ I'm crazy but not that crazy!)

3) Take the dogs to the dog park at least once every other week ~ As you all know, I live in a townhome with no fenced in yard so the pups are ALWAYS on leashes. Although I am pretty good at taking them on walks(well do I really have a choice? Gotta take them on a walk so they can relieve themselves), I think they deserve a trip to the dog park to run wild without a leash.

4) My cousin Janna(geez~you've been featured in my blog 2 times in a row! :)) has an annual "word" of the year. Taking that same approach, my "theme" for the year is being and staying active and trying to motivate whoever I can to hop on the bandwagon of being active & healthier.

There you have it! Help keep me on track people!! Nothing too earth-shattering as far as resolutions but something to strive for. My Yoga instructor said the other day in class, "quitting something is failing at it." If you cheat on one of your resolutions, don't give up and quit, get back on track and keep striving toward that goal!(whatever it may be)