Tuesday, November 12, 2013

feeling sappy & blessed

On my commute to the airport just now(I'm taking a day trip for work to one our home offices), I started thinking about work. I sort of miss having to drive to work because I always used that time to gather my thoughts and prep myself for the day. Anyway...I got to thinking about my career & how stinking blessed I am. This isn't a post to gloat about how lucky I am but to reflect on the opportunities my work has provided me. Here's my list:

- My company has allowed me to be a home based worker for over 5 years now. With this comes many other benefits...no commute, no need to shower and get ready for work, work in my PJ's, work just about anywhere with Internet, get to stay with my pups all day, and most importantly, I have had the flexibility to move when my hubs has changes jobs. 
- I've had the opportunity to travel with work...from NE to IL to the Philippines. I love to travel so this is a bonus in my eyes.  
- When I come back to NE to visit my family & friends, I get to work from the actual office. I don't have to take time off(unless I choose too) and working from the office always re-charges me. 
- I would argue that my time off bank is amazing. At 10 yrs with the company, I get 29 days off a year. This allows Mike and I to travel basically as often as our budget allows. 
- Speaking of benefits, I feel I am paid competitively and I have great health benefits. 
- Aside from the bonus of traveling, I have been given many career opportunities. If I counted correctly, I've changed jobs 7 times, 5 being promotional opportunities and 2 being lateral changes. Except for one, I applied, interviewed, & completed a "project" for each opportunity. Although being remote has its limitations, I have changed jobs twice since being remote.  
- I feel like I am challenged on a daily basis and I feel I am empowered to make decisions and voice my feedback. 
- I can't say I've had a "bad" supervisor either. I think I've reported to about 10 different managers over my 10 years and I really can't complain about any of them. 
- Have I mentioned I have some pretty superb co-workers and I have met some wonderful friends through work. With said friends, I played a crap-load of volleyball when I lived in NE. :)

Hopefully I've covered everything. All this said, work is certainly not always flowers and butterflies. Like all people probably(unless you're Mike and don't have one bad thing to say about your job-that could be a whole different post) I've had some low times and frustrating times. I've made mistakes and I've learned from them. But overall, when I look at the entire picture, I'm pretty darn blessed.