Sunday, February 15, 2015

a day of love

What did you do for Valentine's Day yesterday?  We had a pretty low key, typical Saturday...Mike worked.  I went to the gym & grocery shopped.  Mike and I don't really do presents anymore except for each other's birthday but when he came home at lunch, he tossed me an envelope and inside the envelope was a silicon wedding ring.  How romantic, huh?  :)

Back story - Mike bought a silicon wedding ring for himself a few months ago to wear to work.  He has a tungsten wedding band, which is incredibly durable but also heavy and probably a little dangerous to wear as a law enforcement officer so he got the silicon ring so it could be cut off easily, if necessary.  It's all the rage amongst his law enforcement friends.  I've been talking about getting myself one so I could wear it during activities like hiking, biking, rafting, & camping because I do not wear my wedding ring when I do stuff like that.  Hence the reason he got me the silicon ring.  It looks like this one except it's pink.  The heart is so cute.

While Mike was at work I made some chocolate covered strawberries.  I had never done it before and thought it would be super complicated but it was actually the easiest thing ever and they turned out great.  I just melted chocolate chips with a little grape seed oil(per other recipes, this is what makes them shiny) in the microwave in 20 second intervals until they were melted, washed & dried the strawberries, then dipped the strawberries in the chocolate, then put them in the fridge to harden.  They were very tasty!

I made shrimp enchiladas for dinner and we watched Hall Pass.  Have you seen that movie?  It cracks me up - there are definitely some laugh out loud moments.

Aside from the silicon wedding ring and the chocolate covered strawberries, it was a normal Saturday for us.

What did you do?  Was your day filled with love? ;)

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