Thursday, February 12, 2015

it's time for me to take a Facebook break

I just deactivated my Facebook account!  This obviously doesn't need an announcement to the world and most people won't even notice but as I got to thinking about the reasons I'm taking a break from Facebook, it seemed like it could be an 'interesting' blog post and maybe some of you can relate.

Why I like Facebook:
- Since I live far away from my family and close friends, it's a great way to connect me with those people instead of making a million phones calls each month. (but let's be honest, I would never make those phone calls each month...I can barely manage calling my Mom and Dad each month)
- For the most part, I really love seeing peoples updates, their travels, their kids, their life changes, etc.
- I follow a bunch of fitness groups and fitness people so I do enjoy seeing those updates and that fitness information.

Why I'm taking a Facebook(known as 'fb' from here out) break:
(for the record, I know I'm guilty of some of this also!)
- At this point, I've restricted my fb posts/pictures so much that probably about 90% of my "friends" cannot see anything I post.
- I've adjusted my "News Feed" so much that I don't see many of the updates from the "friends."  My feed is mostly close friends or fitness related.
- I hate all the political posts on fb.  I realize fb is a tool for political and social movement but frankly I go to fb for the fun and motivational stuff.  I'm not interested in hearing why you do or don't support gun control, etc. And honestly, it can sometimes make me change my opinion about you. (not that you care about my opinion but nonetheless.)
- On a similar note, I'm so sick of the judgmental and passive aggressive comments.  I'm not a parent but it must be maddening for parents because there are so many judgmental comments made about parenting styles.  Good grief, can't we lift each other up and support all ways of parenting instead of telling someone they are doing it wrong?  Fitness posts also get a lot of rude comments.  It's amazing how people hide behind their social media accounts.  Whatever happened to "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all?"  Man, people can be darn right vicious on social media.
- I love seeing pictures of your vacation or your family pictures but if you post 150 pictures on your vacation, you have lost me.  Sorry - I'm not going to look through that many pictures.  I don't even spend that much time going through my own pictures.
- Unless we are truly "friends," I'm probably not going to accept your friend request.  I receive a lot of requests from co-workers and I generally do not accept them or I put you on my Restricted list so you cannot see anything I post.  Sorry but it's true!  Find me on LinkedIn if you want to connect.  
- We are in a world of over-sharing and I go through those phases occasionally too(I mean, I have a public blog for goodness sake) but I do get annoyed when people WAY over share.  Some things are just meant to be kept to yourself. (trust me, I've done this too!)
- I hate that I feel an obligation to check fb every day, multiple times per day.  
- Most of my fitness stuff can be found in blogs or on instagram(instagram is a lot easier to control what you see) so I really don't need fb for the fitness stuff.  (Yes, I plan to keep insta for now)
- I don't enjoy seeing "news" from family and friends via fb.  If it's important enough, then I can call, email, or text to let people know and vice versa.
- It irks me when I miss a post from a friend and that friend makes a comment like, "didn't you see that on fb?"  Ugh!  Are you relying on fb to share information with me?
- Hurt feelings have occurred by things that have been posted on fb.  I never want to hurt someone's feelings by something I do or don't post of fb.

Ultimately, fb is just not fun for me anymore so I think it's time to take a break.  I may come back to fb but I'm going to give it a break for now.  I never thought I could get rid of our DVR and we did that over a year ago(and shocker...I haven't really missed it) so I feel like I can manage living without fb. :)

Can you relate?  Are you pro-fb or anti-fb?  Or somewhere in between?

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